About Us

Leading the Way in Sustainable Innovation

Formed in 2010, DESCA's mission is to enable  entrepreneurial scientists innovating in materials, chemicals, renewable energy, water conservation, and many other technologies commercialize their innovations.  We achieve this by: 

  • Building on a strong, existing foundation in chemical and advanced materials technology in the region.
  • Enabling partnerships among institutions of higher education, the corporate community, and start-up organizations
  • Fostering a pipeline of platforms that can create numerous scientific opportunities, additional investment, and future growth in high-wage jobs.​
  • Providing access to state of the art infrastructure that becomes a national focal point for excellence in sustainable chemistry.

why delaware?


An existing industry that continues to grow

The global chemical industry is a $4 trillion industry, and, in the US, it contributes the largest non-defense trade surplus of any economic sector.  Companies located in Delaware have a combined market cap of over $300B, and Delaware’s dynamic chemical, material, agriscience and industrial biology companies are evolving by producing new products with enhanced features and delivering better service, which results in more value on smaller volume.  

Continuous innovation

These Delaware companies are reacting to market forces to make products from sources other than oil.  In addition, more and more companies are choosing to  innovate from the outside in:  from open innovation, to joint development programs, strategic partnerships and increasing M&A activity, outside-in innovation can increase speed to market.

Talent pipeline

In addition, the area is home to world-class research universities with strengths in chemistry and chemical engineering.  The University of Delaware alone has a top 10 ranked Chemical Engineering program and multiple research institutes directly related to sustainable chemistry, such as the Center for Composite Materials, the Energy Institute, the Center for the Study of Metals in the Environment, the Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation, and the Delaware Environmental Institute.

Add to this Delaware's existing technology talent, and  the region is uniquely positioned as a global chemistry research and commercial center, hosting a wealth of chemical talent with a growing focus on sustainable chemistry.