DESCA Initiatives

Innovation 2 Invoice


DESCA's I2I ecosystem supports early-stage technology development and helps to accelerate its translation into commercial markets. I2I components include TechConnect Workshops, Lunch & Learns, Domain Expert Connectivity & Mentoring, Investor Showcase and support within a wet lab incubator space. 

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Inspiring Women in STEM


The Annual Inspiring Women in STEM Conference, presented in partnership with the Delaware BioScience Association is designed to encourage, support and inspire women involved in all aspects of STEM in their professional lives. Each year, over 300 attendees from more than 70 organizations take part in featured presentations, workshops, and panel discussions on a variety of issues facing women in the STEM industries. 

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Be The Solution Conference


Organized by the DESCA and supported by the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute, the Bio-Based & Renewable Chemicals Conference, brings together.  government, industry and academic experts to discuss the emerging landscape of sustainable technologies and innovation strategies.

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University of Delaware Seminar Series


In partnership with the University of Delaware's Colburn Club, DESCA presents stories of applying PhD research to career in innovation.  Geared to the post graduate and PhD student population, the Ready to Launch and ChemTech series introduce speakers and industry leaders who bring industry, innovation and entrepreneurship to the academic environment.

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