University of Delaware Seminar Series

In Partnership with the University of Delaware's Colburn Club

A dynamic speaker series presented by DESCA in collaboration with the University of Delaware's Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Student Organization (Colburn Club) , this series provides insight to graduate and post-doc students on applying research to a career in innovation or entrepreneurship. 

Connecting Research & Industry

Among the impressive list of speakers for 2018's "Ready to Launch" series: 

Shark Tank Winner Don Sandusky:  Launching a Startup out of a Big Company

Tom Schultz:  Innovation in Your Professional Career

Em Photonics CEO Eric Kelmelis:  Launching a Startup from your PhD

Compact Membranes CTO Hannah Murnen: Translating Your PhD into  an Innovation Career

2019's "Chemtech Seminar Seminar" connects students with industry leaders from AirLiquide, Incyte, The Chemours Company and FMC Corporation.